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    Driving gloves are a versatile accessory made popular in the early 1900s. At the turn of the 20th century, most cars were open-topped and exposed to the elements, so their metal or wooden steering wheels could easily heat up in the summer or freeze during winter. Driving gloves, along with scarves and wraps, kept drivers comfortable as they cruised the countryside in bygone-era cars.

    A fashionable and necessary invention of the past, gloves for driving have become a modern way to display personality and flair. Etsy sellers offer a vast collection of driving gloves that call back to a time when form met function, allowing you to breathe new life into classic designs. Discover vintage classics like women’s and men’s winter driving gloves or contemporary styles with distinctive designs like adorable cats or punk symbols to enhance your expressive collection of accessories.

    Take your pick from perfectly worn-in driving gloves from decades past or slip on a supple new pair. Better yet, why not explore both? When browsing driving gloves on Etsy, consider an array of options:

    • New and notable: New men’s and women’s driving gloves provide the practicality of earlier designs while including enhanced comfort and modern amenities such as adjustable straps, touch-screen-friendly fabrics, and fashion-forward designs.
    • A nod to the past: Incorporating heritage pieces into your wardrobe adds an element of timelessness and a touch of history to your look. Etsy sellers’ curated collections of vintage driving gloves offer the perfect place to peruse distinctive styles like gauntlets, fingerless driving gloves, and racing-inspired pairs that come with a backstory, ready for you to add the next chapter.
    • One-of-a-kind adornment: Make a statement with customized driving gloves that reflect who you are. On Etsy, you’ll find a wide variety of made-to-order designs that can be monogrammed, embroidered, or branded to create a personal embellishment.

    Think outside the glove box and pair that eclectic hat with Italian driving gloves or remix a spring dress with those winter driving glovesto feel authentically you. Slip into a pair of mid-century leather driving gloves and dazzle the crowd at the next classic car show, steampunk tea party, or cosplay convention. Wear them when hopping on your bicycle to visit the farmer’s market, heading to a night of dancing at the club, or for an evening of sipping cocktails with friends. Discover a wide range of driving gloves on Etsy to unleash your creativity and express your individuality, no matter what drives you.