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    Evening gloves, also called opera gloves, are long formal gloves that reach the elbow. They are an evening wear accessory and are usually worn with full-length gowns and upscale cocktail dresses. Stylish since the 15th century, formal dress gloves fell out of fashion during the late ‘60s. Today, they’ve enjoying a resurgence and are often seen gracing the arms of Hollywood starlets on the red carpet. Considered a must-have accessory for special occasions, opera gloves are often made of satin, silk, lace, suede, velvet, and a variety of sheer materials.

    There are more ways to wear formal gloves than you might expect, especially when you think outside the box. Fashion gurus from the previous century would have you hiding your long evening gloves in the back of your drawer until New Year’s Eve or that black tie banquet. Today’s trendsetters demonstrate that evening gloves not only have their place at formal functions but also with day wear, avant-garde apparel, and even boudoir attire. Why not make fancy gloves a part of your day-to-day wardrobe and toss unexpected glamor into your look—especially during crisp fall or winter days?

    Consider your dress options when browsing for a pair of evening gloves. Offset a sleek sheath dress with a pair of boldly colored gloves, or opt for versatile and timeless champagne-hued or black gloves that can go with almost any shade of dress.

    If you love to dress to impress with jewelry, layer bracelets and bold cocktail rings over your gloves to maximize your sparkle factor.

    Having solidified themselves as a fantastic formal accessory option, gloves for weddings are a dream pairing to go with your gown or to accent your bridesmaids dresses. Planning a winter wedding? A sweeping wedding dress worn with a faux fur shrug and vintage evening gloves channels old Hollywood glamor. Saying ‘I do’ in the spring? Lace evening gloves add a romantic touch to outdoor ceremonies and dancing the night away under the stars.