Gloves & Mittens

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    Etsy sellers make winter gloves designed to endure the coldest times of the year—and keep you warm while you stroll, shop, and sleigh. From handcrafted cashmere-lined leather gloves to soft handmade mittens and muffs, they keep your fingers cozy and primed to hold a cup of cocoa. Slip on some arm warmers to stay cozy in a drafty home office or put on driving gloves for traction during your next road trip.

    Designed for function first and form second, gardening and work gloves are up to the task. Gardening gloves protect your hands from nasty thorns and stop dirt from taking up roots under your fingernails. Work gloves are as durable as they come, ready to handle wood, metal, and everything in between.

    The glove may not make the player, but they sure do help. Level up your game with sports gloves designed to move. Golf gloves help to secure your grip on your club, so you can focus on your swing. The right pair of boxing gloves, personalized with your name, can give you the confidence you need to enter the ring.

    When riding two-wheeled vehicles, suit up with the right pair of gloves. Motocross gloves have external guards to help protect against impact while cycling gloves can help improve your handhold and warm your hands while you’re moving at high speeds.

    Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or a costume party, the right gloves can complete your look with flair. Evening gloves and elbow-length gloves can put the finishing touch on a gala or wintery wedding look, and costume gloves are perfect for Halloween or a comic convention.