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    A fascinator hat is a decorative headpiece that is fastened (hence the name) with a headband, hair clip, or hair comb. Fascinators are often worn at formal events, Kentucky Derby parties, bridal showers, and weddings—especially royal weddings. Veil fascinators are particularly popular for nuptials. No matter the occasion, a fascinator can add a little ooh-la-la to any look.

    It’s most common to wear a fascinator on the right side with the decoration resting just above the right eyebrow, but you can wear it on either side. Fascinators go well with any hairstyle, whether your hair is up or down, long or short, or any shade of the rainbow.

    When selecting your fascinator, keep these suggestions in mind:

    • Consider proportioning the fascinator to your hairstyle. If you have voluminous hair, complement it with a medium or large fascinator. A slicked back bun sets the perfect stage for a miniature version.
    • Next, choose your color. Fascinators come in lots of different shades, making it easy to match them with your shoes or outfit. Or, opt for contrasting colors to make your accessories pop.
    • Get creative and have fun with your fascinator. Etsy sellers make fascinators in all shapes and sizes, adorned with everything from feathers and bows to butterflies and birds. You can even make your own with a DIY fascinator.
    • Your choice of beautiful headpieces is as limitless as your imagination. If you’re looking for an alternative to a fascinator, consider a tiara, flower crown, matha pattis or hair pin for another way to make a statement.

    Not all mini hats are fascinators, but all fascinators are mini hats.

    Fascinators: These whimsical headpieces are typically worn to the side and are fastened to the head with clip or headband. They’re mini hats with pizazz.

    Mini hats: These hats are pint-sized versions of any style of hat like sombreros and top hats. Mini party hats are often used to accessorize costumes or festive looks, such as a mini cowboy hat or a tiny Santa hat with your best ugly Christmas sweater.