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  • Learn More About Hair Pins

    Hair pins are decorative bobby pins that are often used to create hairstyles for special occasions like weddings and formal events. You’ll find all different kinds of hair pins from sellers on Etsy, including:

    • Decorative hair pins: Discover hair pin designs with flowers, birds, pearls, and rhinestones.
    • Hair pins for weddings: Match your hair pin to your wedding dress style, or use this as an opportunity to bring in a fun pop of color.
    • French hair pins: These hair pins are great for creating a French twist. They’re a little wider than a traditional bobby pin, allowing you to secure more hair with a single pin.

    Decorative hair pins can be used to secure your hairstyle, or they can be placed in your hair after your style is complete. Use a hair pin to:

    • Secure a bun: Once you’ve wrapped your hair, insert a couple decorative pins to hold your style in place.
    • Hold bangs back: Give your bangs a twist, and secure them back with a small hair pin.
    • Taming flyaways: You can use a hair pin just as you would use a bobby pin to hold back small hairs that may escape your ponytail.