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    Pull back your hair in style with colorful elastics and hair ties. Available in a variety of materials and sizes, these accessories keep your tresses out of your face whether you’re heading to a spin class or getting hands-on in your workshop.

    Use a pair of smaller hair elastics to create space buns for a festival-ready look, or pull your hair back into a sleek braid with a beaded hair tie for a polished presentation. Coil hair ties keep your pony in place without creating an indent when you let your hair down. Hair ties for thick hair have a wider circumference and are designed to secure thick locks.

    Athletic activities require you to focus on the fun, not on your hair getting in the way. Keep it off of your face in fashion with elastics designed for action. Hair ties for cheerleading coordinate with your team’s colors, while elastics for dance can match your leotard and leg warmers. Smaller hair elastics are ideal for creating pyramid-ready pigtails or for styling kids' hair for dance recitals. Non-slip elastics have added grip to keep hair in place, whether you’re running a marathon or making moves on the yoga mat.

    You can create endless hairstyles with the addition of elastics, headbands, ribbons, and other hair accessories. If you want to wear your hair down but away from your face, try a headband on for size. Deck out a ponytail with personalized hair accessories like embroidered hair bands, screen-printed ribbons, and barrettes and clips clip with your name on them, to create a look that’s as unique as you are. Or add a silk scarf for a ponytail with a touch of glamor.

    Hair chains and headpieces look great whether your hair is up or down—and add an ethereal touch to a fairytale photoshoot. Meanwhile, hair tinsel and hair gemstones are an easy way to bling up any hairstyle and take a concert look to another level.