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    Baseball caps and truckers caps look similar in many ways but there are some subtle differences. Trucker caps tend to have a broader front and a plastic, mesh back, for added breathability. The broad front is often made of foam, and offers more space for logos and graphics. These caps were, as the name would suggest, originally worn by truckers, when companies saw an opportunity for extra advertising. A baseball cap front is a bit narrower, and is covered with the same fabric all over.

    Need something to protect you from that high noon sun? Suiting up for your softball rec league? Accessorizing a sporty beach look? With baseball hats for men, ball caps for women, vintage baseball hats, and custom baseball hats, shops on Etsy have options for everyone.

    There are two types of baseball and trucker cap back closures. A trucker cap often has a snapback—an adjustable back that allows for changing the size and fit. A baseball cap may have a snapback or a fitted back. A fitted back is closed and set in size—there’s no adjusting, so the fit you pick is the fit you’ll always have.

    The decision between fitted or snapback largely comes down to preference and how you’ll be using your hat. Looking for a baseball cap to wear on your morning run and don’t want it flying off for your final sprint? A snapback will give you more options for customizing your fit (along with a handy hole for your ponytail to go through). Super-fanning in stands and rooting for your favorite team? A fitted cap gives you the same look as the pro players on the field.

    The shape of your baseball hat’s brim is another matter of personal style. A classic cap with a rounded brim looks ready for outdoorsy adventuring while wearing a flat brim hat can add swagger to your street style. Some baseball and trucker hats come with a rounded brim, but you can put your own touch on it, depending on how much curve you crave. Follow a few simple steps to get the perfect bend in your brim:

    1. First, soften the brim to make it more malleable. Rinse the brim (not the rest of the hat) under warm water just enough to make it damp.
    2. Take the brim in your hands and gently bend from the outside edges. Keep working it until you get close to your desired curve. Remember, less is more. You can always bend again later. If you damage the brim by bending too hard there’s no going back.
    3. To get the brim to hold the shape you want, take an elastic band (or several) and put it around the brim. If you’re using only one band, place it closer to the base of the brim, near the cap’s crown.
    4. Wear it around the house for a while with the elastic bands on. This helps give the crown the perfect worn-in feel while you wait for your brim to dry.
    5. In a bit of a rush? A blow dryer speeds the process up. Once dry, boom! Your rounded brim is ready rock. Hit the pub with friends, head out to the dog park with your pooch, or put an end to bedhead in style with your newly shaped hat.

    Baseball and trucker hats need cleaning from time to time, especially if you’re wearing it for workouts or for sweltering days of fun in the sun. Refresh your hat with a few easy care steps:

    1. Fill a sink or bucket with lukewarm water. Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent and mix. Make sure your detergent doesn’t contain bleach to avoid changing the color of your cap.
    2. Spot clean any specific stains you might have, gently using an old toothbrush or small scrubber on them. Don’t go crazy here—you don’t want to scrub so hard you ruin the fabric.
    3. Now soak your entire cap in the soapy water. Be gentle with the brim to ensure it keeps its shape. Leave it in the water for at least 30 minutes to help get the best results.
    4. Rinse your cap and use a towel to gently pat it dry.
    5. Allow your cap to air dry. Help the crown keep its shape by putting it on something round. You already have that towel you used to pat dry, now ball it up and put your wet cap on it. This will also catch excess drips. In a rush? Blow dry with a low setting or point a fan at it.