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    Cowboy hats have been on the headwear scene since the 19th century. In 1865, famous milliner John B. Stetson titled his version of the cowboy hat, “The Boss of the Plains.” It skyrocketed in popularity, becoming an iconic symbol of the American west. The modern cowboy hat design pulls its influence from the wide-brimmed, high-crowned sombreros worn by Mexican ranchers and stable hands. Whether sitting atop the head of an early Western movie hero or as the finishing piece of a country singer’s on-stage attire, cowboy hats have solidified a place as a headwear staple.

    The traditional cowboy hat shape features a high, soft crown and wide brim. Over time, the brim design curved up to avoid rancher ropes and lassos, and the crown became pinched to allow better control and quick repositioning. Along with bolo ties and chaps, cowboy hats have become accessories associated with a rugged western lifestyle.

    The right cowboy hat defines your style and adds a statement to any outfit. Whether you’re looking for a pink cowboy hat for a bachelorette party or a leather cowboy hat for your rancher’s convention, shops on Etsy have a wide variety of new and vintage versions to choose from:

    • Cattleman: The cattleman is the most traditional style, featuring a trio of crown creases and a slightly curved brim. Paired with a bandana, you’ll find this hat on the quintessential cowboy.
    • Pinch front: This style has a sharp v-shaped brim with dual creases at the front. Similar to a fedora, the pinch front is a more reserved cowboy hat.
    • Gus: The Gus hat features a high crown that slopes towards the front with three dimples. A more approachable take on the cowboy hat, this style look great with vintage jeans and a pair of cowboy boots.
    • Open crown: Popularized by Stetson in the early 20th century, the open crown features a roomier crown, rounded and free of dimples, this style has a more subtle silhouette than the bold cattleman.
    • Gambler: This hat features a large, fat brim and a flat crown. Think swinging saloon doors and shootouts. The gambler looks great paired with a vibrant embroidered vest and a shiny western belt buckle.
    • Derby: An understated version of a cowboy hat, the derby features a dimple-free round crown and a shorter, slightly up-curled brim. Picture a sensible bartender or banker who doesn’t want any trouble ‘round these here parts.

    With the vast selection of fabrics, shapes, styles, and details, you’ll find a cowboy hat fit for any occasion. Rock a straw cowboy hat for a summer barbeque or sport a jewel-toned felt cowboy hat with a fall scarf for an afternoon at the pumpkin patch. Grab a bright red, brim-stitched cowboy hat for kids to complete a costume for Halloween or the school play. From traditionally masculine options to modernized cowboy hats for women and everything in between, you’re sure to find that ace in the hole from sellers on Etsy.