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    A newsboy cap is a type of casual hat with a rounded top and a short, stiff visor. It is sometimes known as a newsie or baker boy hat. Newsboy caps are similar to flat caps, but they have a fuller and rounder appearance, with eight panels that meet at the top, usually with a button.

    These caps were wildly popular in the early 20th century, worn by everyone from newspaper boys (where the hat got its name) and farmers to dockworkers, golfers, and other sportsmen. These versatile caps made a comeback in the 2000s thanks to celebrities who embraced them as a go-to accessory for adding polish to everyday outfits. Today, Etsy sellers create newsboy caps for men and women in both vintage and modern styles.

    Newsie caps add a smart finish to your personal style—dress them up and down depending on the occasion. For the right fit, the brim should shade your eyes and the sides should sit just above your ears. Feeling cheeky? Give it a playful tilt. This year-round staple looks just as stylish with your favorite pair of jeans and a simple tee as with a crisp suit. Fellas with a sharp style will want to pair a newsboy hat with a refined tweed jacket. Ladies, coordinate your cap with a chunky cardigan layered over a vintage dress for an easy autumn aesthetic.

    While you can't go wrong with a vintage newsboy cap, Etsy sellers also offer an array of modern designs for today's trendsetters.

    • Wool: A tweed wool newsboy cap in a classic plaid or herringbone pattern is a great choice for a traditional look.
    • Leather: Leather newsboy caps brim with old-time charm and are easy to dress up for more formal outings.
    • Slouchy: The casual cool comfort of a slouchy, oversized newsboy cap sets your street style apart.
    • Crochet: Shopping for a new winter hat? A thick crochet newsboy cap keeps you cozy all season long.
    • Embroidered: Stay on-trend while standing out from the crowd with a newsboy cap embroidered just for you by a small shop on Etsy.

    Have some fun and look good doing it. Not just for everyday wear, newsboy hats are also commonly worn for a variety of outdoor activities:

    • Golfing: Newsboy caps bring flair to the fairway, providing sun protection and easy coordination with golf shirts.
    • Fishing: Gone fishing? Pull an outdoorsy newsie cap over your eyes to catch some z's while waiting for your bait to get a bite.
    • Sailing: Nautical-inspired newsboy caps mark you as the captain of your watercraft while you navigate the wind and waves.
    • Baseball: A twist on the classic baseball cap, newsie hats have a generous brim that provides ample shade from the sun's rays.
    • Hunting: Newsboy caps with earflaps are made to keep your ears warm while pursuing game on chilly morning excursions.