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    Sun hats are headwear that combine sophisticated style with everyday functionality. Usually designed with a wide brim, a sun hat is an excellent shade-maker, helping shield your eyes and skin from the sun. First introduced as informal summer headwear around the 1860s, men’s sun hats took the form of boater and Panama hats that offered no-fuss sun protection to casual sailors and outdoor enthusiasts. Sun hats for women evolved quickly afterward, typically with wider brims and a semi-rigid construction. Today, the floppy brim of a straw sun hat instantly sparks images of beachside bliss, ice-cold beverages, and long, lazy summer days.

    If you’re on the hunt for a hat that will provide you with sun protection, a wide-brim sun hat with a 30+ UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating is an ideal option. Whether you’re heading out for a day in the garden or are perched poolside, a large, floppy sun hat keeps you covered from head to shoulders.

    Different materials offer various levels of UPF protection. Straw is a natural fiber that provides defense against the sun. The tighter the weave of the straw, the more effectively it will block the sun’s rays. Straw hats are also lightweight and breathable, pairing perfectly with summer soirées and warm-weather weddings. If you prefer pack-up-and-go accessories, cloth hats like bucket hats can provide vacation-ready sun protection while brightening up your style with an endless variety of hues and prints.

    Personalization adds a distinctive quality to a sun hat. Add a unique touch to your topper and browse a selection of printed and embroidered hats, custom hat pins, or artisan ribbons from Etsy sellers.

    Bespoke boaters, fedoras, and Panama hats add chic accents to your bridal party photos, where you can match these customized accessories to your wedding color palette. Create a one-of-a-kind gift for your bachelorette attendees with a custom-embroidered sun hat or commemorate your family reunion with monogrammed visors. Personalized sun hats take your wine tour from sweet to sip-tastic, instantly creating a stylized photo opportunity at every stop. Gift the newlyweds in your life with matching embroidered hats for their upcoming honeymoon, or surprise your parents with custom woven hats for their next anniversary.

    When you’re heading out the door to your tee time or tennis match, make sure your sun hat is in tow. Sporty baseball caps feature full crowns that protect the top of your head while open-top visors let you feel the breeze. Both options provide sun protection and help keep the sun out of your eyes, so you can focus on your follow-through, not finding shade. Spending the day on the water waiting for your bait to get a bite? Fishing hats are often packable, protective, and quick to dry.

    Bringing little ones along? Kids sun hats are designed for smaller noggins and often have adjustable closures so kids can grow with them. Take babies to the beach with infant sun hats that are sun-smart and soft to the touch. Toddlers who are ready to roam can add sun protection to their ensemble with a kids bucket hat or a smaller-sized straw sun hat that matches yours.