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    Both visors and baseball caps have shade-making front brims, but there’s one significant difference: visors have an open top. Visors' open crown allows for airflow and room to show off your ponytail or mohawk. Baseball caps have a closed top, sometimes with perforated panels for extra breathability. Both visors and baseball caps can have adjustable backs to help you find your perfect fit.

    Visor hats make a statement, whether you’re at the golf course or going on a coffee date. Both men’s and women’s visors are helpful for keeping your hair out of your face when you’re spending the day on the boat and soaking up sweat when you’re on the putting green. Throw a visor in your bag for portable shade during your favorite outdoor activities, from kayaking and hiking to beach volleyball. Add a personalized touch to your tennis tournament or next gathering with custom visors printed with your business logo or embroidered with the clever name for your doubles duo.

    Not into sports? No problem. Visors provide solace from the sun while you’re on vacation, so you can power through your summer reads uninterrupted. Wear your visor with a sweater vest for an instantly preppy look, or top your favorite polo with a visor for your Sunday picnic. Straw visors look straight out of a seaside photoshoot while cloth visors can be easily packed up for weekends away. Rhinestone-embellished visors let everyone at the resort know that you and your bridesmaids have arrived for your beachside bachelorette party.

    A hat saves you from squinting in the sun all day, whether you’re bird watching or lounging in a hammock. Sun hats like floppy straw hats and boaters provide 360 degrees of shade thanks to their brims that wrap all the way around. Bucket hats add a nod to the ‘90s and have a similar full brim. Sport-specific hats for running and cycling have shorter front brims that won’t interfere with your performance. Looking for some shade for little ones? Kids’ visors can match your own and are as adorably sporty as they are functional. If your future is still looking a little too bright, add a pair of oversized sunglasses—you’ll look (and feel) like a Hollywood star.