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    In general, a beanie is a close-fitting hat, often with a folded cuff, and a skull cap is a type of beanie made from thin material without a brim. Worn by all genders—from grownups to kiddos alike—these hats come in oodles of styles and materials.

    • The classic beanie: This classic style can be made of soft cotton or spruced up with a little texture like a ribbed or waffle knit. It can also be embellished with pom poms, patches, or buttons for a little extra personality.
    • The fisherman beanie: This trendy style is thickly brimmed, and worn tight to the top of your head, often tucked behind your ears. The name originates from when fishermen would roll back their hats while docked at the harbor to cool down.
    • The cashmere beanie: Treat your head and your ears to a luxuriously soft cashmere hat, ideal for a crisp autumn stroll or a photoshoot among the changing leaves.
    • The knit beanie: Like a sweater for your noggin, these hats belong to the winter hat family because they’ll keep you nice and toasty.
    • The skull cap beanie: From edgy leather skull caps to bohemian crochet designs, Etsy shops offer a variety of snug, brimless beanie options.

    There are plenty of ways and opportunities for wearing a beanie. Hectic hair? Beanie it up. Cold outside? A chunky beanie will keep you cozy all day.

    For a laid-back look, try one a bit oversized and slouchy at the back for extra swagger. Working up a sweat in the great outdoors? Go for a sleek, fitted skull cap that doesn’t get in the way while you strap into your cross-country skis. For a playful look, the bigger the pom pom, the better.

    Don’t just stop at the top—beanies get the party started for other cold weather accessories. Highlight your headwear with an equally attractive scarf and mittens for a full fashion statement.

    Many Etsy shops can make custom skull caps and beanies just for you, including personalized options with patches or embroidery—perfect for posing with the family at your holiday greeting card photoshoot, broadcasting your business logo, or giving a monogrammed gift to the friend who has it all.