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    Designed to keep you warm in the chilly air, winter hats come in all sorts of fun and fashionable styles. Here are some of the most popular designs:

    • Beanies: A beanie is a head-hugging cap that sits snugly around your ears and keeps the cold from creeping in. It is also fittingly called a skull cap. One of the most common types of winter hats, Etsy sellers create beanies in a wide array of colors and fabrics.
    • Winter hats with pom poms: Some beanies and other styles of winter hats come with pom poms for extra personality. Whether it's a single fluffy pom pom on top or one on each side to look like fuzzy animal ears, these embellishments give the hat a playful look.
    • Russian winter hats: A Russian hat, also called an ushanka, is a thick fur or faux fur hat that provides excellent protection against the wind and cold. These styles have been traditionally used in Russia's arctic regions.
    • Winter hats with ear flaps: When the deep freeze sets in, nothing beats the cozy feeling of a hat that fully covers your ears. Trapper hats and other types of hats with ear flaps will keep you nice and cozy.

    Women's winter hats come in an array of designs to perfectly match or complement your favorite winter coat. From black and neutral handmade beanies that are easy to coordinate with any outfit to bold and colorful poofy pom pom hats that will be visible even through a snowstorm, Etsy sellers craft a wide range of hats to suit your style.

    Etsy sellers offer lots of styles of men's winter hats including trendy slouch beanies. You can find a selection of sizes for a perfectly snug but comfortable fit in knits ranging from light and breathable to warm and chunky for those sub-zero temps. Get winter-ready and complete your outdoor look with a matching pair of winter gloves.

    Kids' winter hats come in child-friendly styles that your little one won't want to take off. Bright colors, eye-catching patterns, embroidered details, and pom poms galore keep things fun and fresh. Etsy sellers also craft a wide selection of toddler winter hats and baby winter hats so that even the youngest members of your family can stay cozy in the brisk winter air.

    Make your hat even more "you" by choosing a custom winter hat from one of the many Etsy shops offering made-to-order pieces. Customization options include embroidered names and logos, snazzy one-of-a-kind leather patches, and hats in personalized colors.