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  • Learn More About Keychains

    Like their namesake, keychains are used to hold keys and other objects, but that’s not all! Keychains can be added to a backpack zipper or attached to a wallet or purse strap. A small keychain can also be added to a jacket zipper to make it easier for small hands to grasp. They are also thoughtful souvenirs and gifts. A personalized keychain can even double as a gift tag. Lanyard keychains are often used to carry security badges and other IDs along with essential keys.

    The best material for your keychain will depend on how you plan to use it. If you’re attaching it to your car keys for everyday use, look for a durable design made from leather or brass. If you’re using your keychain to accessorize a backpack or for special keys that are used every so often, look for an acrylic design. Etsy sellers can customize these keychains to feature a name or word, like “mailbox” or “back gate,” to keep you organized. If you’ll be using your keychain outdoors while hiking or camping, consider a brass keychain with a carabiner style attachment. This design is both hardy and easy to attach securely to a zipper or bag for safekeeping.

    Small shops on Etsy make it easy to customize their keychain designs so that you can create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special or a handy design for yourself. Engraved keychains can feature a name, date, address, phone number, or a special phrase. Many shops also offer keychain accessories like colorful leather tassels and beads. If you’re giving custom keychains as a bridesmaid gift, each one can be customized with their initials and a tassel in their favorite color. Etsy sellers also create custom photo keychains that can include an engraved photo or a spot for you to insert your own photo.