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    A detachable collar is an optional neckline accessory worn to accent the neckline of your top or to update the look of your current collar. Collars for women include a wide range of styles, while menswear focuses primarily on dress shirt collars.

    Collars cover a broad selection of neck-wrapping options:

    • Fashion collars: Need to stay warm on chilly nights? Fashion collars often double as neck warmers and scarves. Wear a faux fur collar for a feeling of utter fabulousness.
    • Chokers: Chokers fit snugly around your neck. Whether you’re looking to add a delicate touch to your outfit or a stand-out accessory to turn heads, you’ll find a choker to suit your personal style.
    • Crochet lace collars: Acting like wearable doilies, crochet lace collars treat your face like a beautiful centerpiece. Give off vintage student vibes with a classic white collar over a black uniform, or add some texture to a top by matching color tones.
    • Leather collars: Add a little edge to your outfit with leather collars. Try versions with silver studs or opt for sleek bands for a minimalist aesthetic.

    Wear detachable collars with sweaters, blouses, dresses, T-shirts, or any top you want to elevate to another level. Detachable collars lend themselves well to vintage settings, from old-timey westerns to high-Victorian society.

    Collarbands allow you to look smart at the office with a crisp, stiff collar over a dress shirt. Stay warm on a hayride with a white crochet collar over periwinkle knitwear. Dickies are false dress shirt fronts—skip wearing a full shirt the next time you’re on a webcam call and just throw a jacket or sweater over a dickie. Or, try a lace collar with long strings in the front for Sunday school or a day of flower picking. Peter Pan collars add a sweet touch to transform a simple crewneck sweater into a statement-maker.

    Bibs are are made for convenience and function and many adults and senior citizens benefit from the assorted types of bibs from sellers on Etsy:

    • Dignity bibs mimic styles of dress shirts and blouses for those who may feel self-conscious. These bibs are easily removable and offer the same benefits of catching spills and accidents.
    • Adult drool bibs are designed to absorb drool to keep clothes clean and dry. They can be worn throughout the day and are available in various colorful patterns and designs to suit personal preferences. Many come in bandana bib styles that appear more like a scarf or a stylish neck accessory.
    • Traditional adult bibs offer many designs to reflect personality and character. They can be subtle and muted, bold and vibrant, or customized with an embroidered name or humorous slogan to keep everyone smiling.