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  • Learn More About Handkerchiefs

    Although handkerchiefs are great for those stuffy or runny noses, there are so many other ways handkerchiefs come in handy. Wipe that sweaty brow on a warm day, remove makeup in a pinch, or mop up that Earl Grey spill. Tearing up at your cousin’s wedding? Dab your eyes with a delicate hanky. Forgot your sunscreen on a hot July day? Tie a larger linen handkerchief like a jaunty scarf to shield the back of your neck from the sun’s rays. Tie a colorful cotton handkerchief around the strap of your handbag for a unique fashion statement. No matter which of the diverse uses you choose, shops on Etsy have the perfect men’s or women’s handkerchief for your needs.

    Just as there are many uses for handkerchiefs, there’s also a variety of ways to fold them. Each type of fold depends on how you’ll be using your handkerchief—these are some of the common folding styles to consider:

    • For a runny nose: When cold and flu season or springtime allergies strike, keeping things sanitary is the goal. To fold a used hanky, fold all four corners into the middle. Next, fold the entire handkerchief in half, then one more time in half again. Have a particularly large hanky? Fold it again! Now you have a small square. Keep it in your pocket until you can run it through the wash.
    • As a men’s pocket square: There are several ways to fold your handkerchief into a pocket square. A classic style keeps the handkerchief neatly folded in your suit jacket pocket with one corner peeking out. To achieve this fold, place the handkerchief flat on an even surface like a table. Fold it in half diagonally, forming a triangle. Take one corner, and fold it along the base, just past halfway. Now do the same with the opposite corner, overlapping it with your previous fold. Your handkerchief should now look like an open envelope. Stick it in your jacket pocket with the pointy corner up.
    • As a women’s pocket accessory: For a more feminine look, place your women’s handkerchief on a table. Grab it in the center and lift it up off the surface. With your other hand, pinch the hanging handkerchief in the middle. Fold the tip up a little past half and voila! You have a nice puff to decorate your pocket.

    Yes, handkerchiefs are reusable—simply throw them in with your next laundry load and they’re good as new. In fact, when properly cared for, your trusted handkerchief can be used for years. When compared to single-use tissues, handkerchiefs can be used again and again to eliminate waste. A vintage handkerchief brings new life to a piece from the past, transforming it into something just as useful today as it once was.