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    Hooded scarves are a cross between neck warmers and winter hats—a great way to stay snug during chilly winter months. Keep your head and neck cozy with a knitted hooded scarf while you adventure outside on your snowshoes, or wear one as a fashion accessory to elevate your cold-weather look as you stroll through a day of holiday shopping.

    Hooded scarves also function as fun costume accessories. Wear one with a cape and medieval-style attire for a Renaissance festival look, or choose a black hooded scarf to celebrate Halloween as a cloaked sorcerer. On Etsy, you’ll find hooded scarves for women, men, and children in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.

    There are plenty of styling options with hooded scarves. Pull the hood up on your head, wrap the scarf around your neck, and tuck it inside your coat for extra warmth. Or, wind the scarf once around your neck and keep one end outside your coat to show off its color and texture. Getting too toasty? Leave the hooded section off of your head and tie it as you would any other type of scarf.

    Infinity scarves are another popular option that function like a hooded scarf. Also known as circle scarves, infinity scarves are wide circles of fabric that wrap around the neck. Most are large enough to fit comfortably over the head, acting as a hood or cowl.

    Like other scarves and wraps on Etsy, you can find hooded scarves made from all kinds of materials. Looking for one to help you brave the elements on the coldest days? Chunky knit wool, cushy cashmere, soft sherpa fleece, and luxurious faux fur-lined hooded scarves are popular options. Want a fashionable version to add flair to formal occasions? Wear a lightweight style made of silk, satin, or shimmery sheer fabrics. Many designers on Etsy also offer hooded scarves featuring decorative elements like glittery yarn and sequin embellishments, perfect for bringing a little extra glamor to your stay-warm style.