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    When it rains it pours, as the saying goes, but Etsy shops make and sell lots of fun, unique, and stylish rain accessories to help you stay dry—and bring a smile on your face—on the dreariest of days. From brightly-patterned umbrellas to playful galoshes to raincoats in every shade and style to charming slicker hats and rain bucket hats, you’ll find everything you need to stay safe from the elements as you venture out in the storm. To help stay prepared for bad weather, consider keeping your rain accessories in your entryway closet or in the mudroom by the back door—as well as a similar set in the cargo space of your vehicle.

    There are several types of rain umbrellas, and they differ a bit in both the canopy and the umbrella handle. Some differences are for aesthetic purposes, but others serve a practical function. Here are a few of the common umbrella types.

    • Hook-handle umbrellas: Umbrellas with a curved hook on the end of the handle not only looks distinguished, they also prevent the umbrella from blowing out of your hand in a strong wind. And once you're indoors, you have a way to hang it up and out of the way.
    • Collapsible umbrellas: Many modern umbrellas have a telescopic handle that enables you to shrink or extend the umbrella's length, to easily fit into a purse, backpack, or vehicle console.
    • Wind-proof umbrellas: The windproof umbrella has an ingenious, double canopy construction. The inner canopy contains vents that help diffuse wind to prevent the structure from blowing inside out on a windy day.
    • Bubble umbrellas: These clear plastic umbrellas fold out to produce a curved dome over your head. The bubble umbrella is perfect for when you want to make sure your hair stays dry, even if other parts of you might experience some level of moisture.
    • Golf umbrellas: These oversize umbrellas, intended to shield the golfer, cart, and clubs from the elements, are typically around 50 to 60 inches in diameter.

    Etsy shops sell a wide variety of unique umbrella options, from stylish vintage umbrellas to one-of-a-kind custom umbrellas made just for you.

    For centuries, people have been using umbrellas to provide a form of portable shade, to keep the sun off their faces. Shade umbrellas come in a few different types:

    • Parasols: Made famous in France in the 18th century, the parasol dates as far back as ancient Egypt. This handy sun umbrella acts as a sort of portable awning, offering personal shade during the heat of the day.
    • Patio umbrella: Whether on your back deck or at the outdoor cafe at the golf course, the patio umbrella stands as the classic example of an area sun umbrella, with canopies ranging from from 6 to 12 feet in diameter, a sturdy center pole, and a heavily weighted base to hold it steady. is likely to remain in style for as long as the sun still shines.
    • Cantilever umbrella: A fantastic addition to any patio or picnic area, the cantilever umbrella hangs suspended from above.