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    There are several reasons why people collect coins. While many see coin collecting as an investment, it’s also a hobby that is both educational and fun. Whether you’re a novice collector or an expert numismatist (a fancy term for coin collectors), you’ll find a treasure trove of old and rare coins from sellers on Etsy. And, if you have family or friends who are avid coin collectors, you’ll discover a wide range of coin and money collectibles that make great gifts.

    When it comes to collecting coins, anyone can do it and it’s never too late to start. In fact, you may already have the beginnings of a coin collection in your pockets. Here’s a few tips to help you get started:

    • Discover your interests: Decide what kinds of coins interest you and go from there. Keen on ancient history? Try searching for ancient Greek or Roman coins to begin your collection, or choose another period of history and build an antique coin collection. Interested in certain special events and landmark occasions? Look for special commemorative coins. Or, if you’re enamored by different cultures and travel, start a world coin collection of new coins.
    • Buy coin folders: You’ll need to organize and store your coins as you collect them. Buy either blank coin folders or find ones labeled by date and the type of coin. Coin albums are another great way to properly keep track of your coins. Etsy sellers make a wide variety of albums and coin folders to suit all sorts of coin collections.
    • Start your search: Hunting for coins is what makes collecting exciting and fun. Begin your search on Etsy or start researching coins online, or at your local library. You can also join a coin collecting community to swap tips for finding that one-of-a-kind coin.

    There are many types of coins to add to your coin collection. Here are a few of the most common kinds:

    • Bullion coins: Bullion coins are silver coins, gold coins, or coins crafted from precious metals.
    • Proof coins: Proof coins feature high-quality designs and finishes and are minted specially for collectors.
    • Circulating coins: Also called business strikes, these coins are already in general circulation.
    • Uncirculated coins: Uncirculated coins are known for their luster and unblemished appearance because they have never been in circulation.
    • Error coins: Error coins have a flaw which makes them distinguishable from similar minted and circulated coins. These coins are among the most rare and valuable.

    Caring for your coin collection is essential for keeping your prized possessions in pristine condition. When handling coins, use cotton gloves to protect them from skin oils and dirt, and always pick them up by the edges, between your thumb and forefinger. Also, to avoid damage in case it’s dropped, hold your coin over a thick towel.

    If you’re thinking of cleaning your coins—don’t. A general rule among coin collectors is they shouldn’t be cleaned, unless by a specialist. Using water, chemicals, or even wiping coins with a soft cloth could damage them.

    When displaying your coins, use sealed, hard plastic coin cases or PVC-free plastic bags for valuable coins. For lesser-value coins, keep them in acid-free envelopes, folders, sleeves, or albums.