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    There are a few differences that separate figurines from action figures. A figurine is a three-dimensional sculpted or molded statuette representing a human, animal, or other character. It’s typically a collectible that’s meant to be displayed. Both modern and vintage figurines can be made from a wide range of materials, from porcelain to glass. Action figures, on the other hand, are poseable toys meant to be played with and used. They often come with add-ons and accessories. Most action figures are made from durable plastic resin.

    Etsy shops sell many types of figurines, from classic antique figurines to delicately hand painted collectible figurines. Here are some of the popular styles you’ll find on Etsy.

    • Glass: Glass figurines are usually made with a mix of colored and clear glass and molded in the shape of various animals. Animals, like cat and dog figurines, make dainty menageries and eye-catching additions to curio cabinets or display tables.
    • Ceramic: Ceramic figurines are delicate and opaque. From cat figurines to adorable displays of playful children, ceramics are charming. Some ceramic mini figurines even come ready for you to add your own DIY paint job.
    • Porcelain: Fine and elegant porcelain figurines feature amazingly intricate details. Similar to ceramic figurines, porcelain is typically more ornate and has a high sheen and refined appearance.
    • Plastic: Plastic figurines are often relatively durable and typically modeled after characters or historical figures. Some Etsy sellers can even make custom plastic figurines to look like a unique person or animal in your life.

    Figurines make thoughtful gifts for anyone on your list. Grab an Italian figurine with beautiful, ornate designs for your grandma who loves knick-knacks. Miniature figurines are great display items for offices and cubicles—adding a touch of personality to a coworker’s space. Animal figurines, like a custom dog figurine, make a great gift for anyone with furry family members. From centuries-old to custom-crafted, shops on Etsy sell beautiful figurines that special someone will treasure.