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  • Learn More About Dioramas

    Dioramas are a type of model that shows people, animals, vehicles, and other objects within an environment for the purpose of depicting a scene. Etsy artisans craft magical diorama art for display in your home or office. They’re also fun to make yourself. Using colors and textures, it’s possible to recreate people, places, and things in incredible detail that will bring a diorama to life.

    Whether you are looking to buy a diorama or build one yourself, there are a few basic types of dioramas to choose from.

    • Bookshelf dioramas are miniature rooms that you put between your books to give the illusion that there is a tiny world hidden on your bookshelf.
    • Box dioramas are mounted inside a box with painted surfaces on the sides to act as an environment for the figures that are contained within.
    • Book dioramas are mounted on a flat surface that can fold closed and open again like the pages of a book, so that the figures protrude out of the background.
    • Nature dioramas are depictions of natural habitats that contain beautiful details of different environments, like an Arctic diorama.
    • Resin dioramas are made from epoxy resin or varnish that seals the artwork within the diorama creating an eye-catching, high-gloss protective finish.

    Designing and building a diorama from scratch is a wonderful project for kids or adults that will let you flex your creative muscles. Your diorama can depict a nature scene, historical event, fictional situation, or anything you can dream of. Just grab a few supplies from Etsy sellers like construction paper for creating backgrounds and modeling clay to make your figures. You’ll also want to have a sharp pair of scissors for cutting things out, and a good supply of craft glue to hold everything together. You can also pick up some additional diorama supplies like little people, houses, or trees to help bring everything to life. Whether it’s for a school assignment, or just a fun weekend project, building a diorama provides hours of enjoyment.