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    A pen and ink drawing is a piece of art created using a pen. Made by hand, these drawings and illustrations are truly one of a kind. Black ink is the most common choice for artists, but pen and ink drawings come in a wide range of colors.

    From pencil drawings to charcoal drawings, Etsy artists use many different mediums to draw beautiful designs and illustrations. Those who work in pen create a wide selection of detailed pen and ink illustrations as well as gorgeous pen and ink landscape drawings to spruce up your living spaces.

    You might buy a pen and ink drawing for the same reasons you would buy any piece of art, whether for yourself or for someone else.

    • To use as home decor: Some choice pieces of art can really make a house feel like a home. Like paintings and photographs, pen and ink illustrations make for beautiful and decorative wall adornments.
    • To give as a gift: A pen and ink drawing is a thoughtful gift for a loved one on their birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion. These one-of-a-kind pieces can easily become cherished keepsakes.
    • To support artists: Whether you want to buy decor for yourself or a gift for someone else, why not support an artist while you're at it? Pen and ink drawings have that special human touch you won't get with mass-produced items.

    Pen and ink gives artists the freedom to draw almost anything they want. Etsy artists create all sorts of pen and ink illustrations depicting all types of subjects, including some of these popular favorites.

    • Pen and ink landscape drawings: Find stunning drawings of landscapes and cityscapes full of vivid details. Pen and ink landscape drawings depict everything from famous sites like Rome’s Coliseum to quaint countryside scenes.
    • Pen and ink figurative drawings: Some pen and ink drawings are focused on human subject matter. Discover beautiful illustrations of people and human-like figures, from abstract sketches to highly realistic drawings.
    • Pen and ink animal drawings: Many artists who work in pen and ink also turn their talents to stunning depictions of majestic animals, from wild lions and wolves to domestic cats and neighborhood birds.

    While you can buy many beautiful pre-drawn pen and ink illustrations, some Etsy artists will create a custom pen and ink drawings made to your specific request. For example, you can request custom hand-drawn family portraits, custom house sketches, pet portraits, and more. Personalized drawings make particularly lovely gifts, especially for friends and family.