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    With pencil to paper, talented Etsy artists sketch incredibly detailed pencil drawings of all sorts of subjects with different drawing styles from abstract designs to photo-like still life. Whether you’re gifting a drawing to a friend or looking to decorate your walls with one-of-a-kind artwork, here are some common types of drawings and illustrations you can find on Etsy.

    • Portraits and still lifes: Deck out your walls with drawings of interesting objects and people, including custom portraits made just for you.
    • Landscape drawings: For a dose of wanderlust, find illustrations of landscapes, cityscapes, recognizable destinations, or famous architecture. like forests and waterways
    • Nature drawings: Outdoor enthusiasts will love pencil drawings of nature such as animals and insects, and outdoor spaces. Discover drawings that appeal to all kinds of people and places like an illustration of zoo animals for the baby’s nursery or a sketch of a tropical paradise for your office.
    • Botanical drawings: Add a touch of nature to your bedroom with beautiful pencil drawings of flowers and plants.
    • Colored pencil drawings: On Etsy, you’ll find unique pieces by artists It’s not all black and white—discover colored pencil drawings for beautiful illustrations in a rainbow of hues too.

    A personalized illustration is something sentimental that will be cherished over time. You can commission custom pencil drawing from talented artists on Etsy of just about anything, including beautiful portraits. Surprise your spouse with a romantic, hand-drawn portrait of the two of you, or get your favorite photo of your pooch sketched for the mantle. Commissioned drawings can also be of personal subjects like family homes or significant places, transforming your memories into works of art.

    Whether it’s a portrait of your friend’s favorite rock band or a sketch of your grandparents’ farm from the sixties, customized illustrations make fantastic personalized gifts. A skilled artist on Etsy can turn your photos into a unique pencil drawing that they will cherish.

    Showcase your pencil-sketched masterpiece by hanging it on a wall inside an eye-catching frame. Etsy shops sell frames—including custom frame options—in many sizes and colors. Some artists even offer framed versions of their artwork as well as framed prints in multiple sizes to fit your space. Look for a frame that will show off your drawing in a material and color that complements your decor vibe.