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    Felting is a process that turns animal hair fibers—like wool from sheep or alpaca—into a textile or fabric. Wool has lots of natural, microscopic hooks, making it prone to tangling. Artists craft amazing handmade felted creations by forcing the fibers to interlock by either washing them all together, or using special barbed felting needles punched through the fibers repeatedly. Felting results not only in sheets of felt like seen in school art projects, but amazing 3D sculptures, hanging wall art, custom clothing, and more. Shops on Etsy offer a wide range of felt art crafted with grace and aplomb.

    The amount of various items that can be created by felting is nearly limitless. Talented artists make felt art such as:

    • Plushies: Needle felted animals are adorable recreations of real and fantasy animals for sitting on desks, mantles, nightstands, or pillows. There’s no age limit on enjoying the cuddly, squishy animal plushies created by artists on Etsy.
    • Clothing and accessories: Felted hats, felted sweaters, felt jewelry—if you’ve worn it on your body, there’s a good chance you can find a fuzzy and cozy felted version of it.
    • Hanging art: For a dash of whimsy with a wondrous technique to hang in your home, check out the felted wall art available from shops on Etsy.
    • Patches and customization: If you’re into customizing every piece of clothing you own, you can work with designers on Etsy to add felted wool patches to your clothing to make it your very own.

    Felt art makes great gifts for anyone who loves handmade creations in a universe of designs. Know any bird nerds who love welcoming feathered friends into their backyard? Surprise them with a felted birdhouse any bird would be proud to call home.

    This year, instead of fragile glass baubles, gift your friends and family felt christmas ornaments with all the charm and warmth of traditional decorations. Show a loved one how much they mean to you with a custom felted portrait from extremely skilled artisans on Etsy.