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    Needlepoint is an embroidery technique that creates a pattern or design on the top of fabric or canvas. A millennia-old art form, needlepoint is reemerging as a popular and inspiring form of artwork and craftsmanship.

    Typically, designs are created on a fine canvas with several stitch types and often include beads or bobbles. Needlepoint combines many stitch patterns to create highly texturized works for display, wearable pieces, or daily-use items. Needlepoint kits are a great way to learn the process, supplying you with all the essentials to complete a project.

    Both needlepoint and cross-stitch are a form of embroidery that use different stitch patterns and processes. Needlepoint is typically far more complicated than cross-stitching, with many different stitches to learn, such as basketweave, Gobelin, and mosaic. Cross-stitching uses a series of ‘x’ patterns to create a larger picture—similar to pixelated art. Both needlepoint and cross-stitch use canvas and embroidery thread to create finished products.

    There is a near-endless array of needlepoint pieces available, thanks to the adaptability and versatility of the art form. From duvets and curtains to placemats and mittens, custom needlepoint adds a touch of beauty to everyday items. Below are a few of the most popular needlepoint items you’ll find from sellers on Etsy:

    • Pillows: Needlepoint pillows are a classic household item, perfect for adding that bit of charm to your couch or loveseat. They often feature serene settings or meaningful messages that fill your space with comfort.
    • Belts: As versatile and full of personality as neckties, needlepoint belts typically feature a repeating pattern ranging from subtle to silly and sensational. Vintage, modern, and custom needlepoint belts add an eclectic vibe to your accessory collection.
    • Christmas stockings: A traditional style of stocking sure to bring up feelings of warm nostalgia, needlepoint Christmas stockings feature elaborate winter scenes and adorable cold-weather companions. They can also be customized with names for an extra special touch.
    • Art pieces: Framed needlepoint artwork makes a lovely addition to your collection. With an authentic handmade vibe and impressive detail, needlepoint art fits well with a wide range of styles.

    Gifting needlepoint is a unique and heartfelt way to express your love for any occasion. Give your teen who loves starting new hobbies a needlepoint pattern to work on during their school break. Gift a custom needlepoint piece to your siblings with a quote that reminds them of your enduring bond. Place a beautiful needlepoint design to the back of your partner’s jean jacket to celebrate their personality and style. Grab needlepoint coasters as a one-of-a-kind housewarming present for your new neighbors.

    No matter the occasion, sellers on Etsy have curated crafty collections of elegant, adorable, and hilarious needlepoint patterns and pieces—sure to make anyone on your gift list happy.