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    Though the practice of quilting can’t be traced back to a set period, archeologists have found evidence going as far back as 3,400 BCE. It was viewed as a practical technique to create blankets, but decorative elements have always been present. Techniques, patterns, and traditions have continued to grow and expand along with civilization. Many quilts are now regarded as works of art, displaying craftsmanship and creativity from their periods.

    Whether you’re looking for vintage quilts to add to your collection or a quilted bag to carry books from class to class, you’ll find what you’re after on Etsy.

    Quilts come in many styles and applications, adding whimsy, warmth, and artistry to everyday items. Here are a few types of quilts available from sellers on Etsy:

    • Bed quilts: The quintessential quilts, bed quilts are large blankets with multiple patches sewn together, with one large backing piece and reinforced edging. Patchwork quilts for beds are also cozy for couches, road trips, and picnics.
    • Framed quilts: Framed quilts are unique, handmade quilts designed to be displayed as artwork rather than used for warmth. Quilted wall hangings often feature intricate patterns, delicate materials, and custom designs.
    • Quilted clothing and accessories: Quilted clothing such as sweaters, hats, and socks provide the ultimate comfort. Quilted handbags and totes add style to everyday items.

    Quilting is a skill often passed down from generation to generation, but our modern-day ability to share tips, tricks, and information easily has made the art more accessible in general. If you’re interested in quilting your own pieces, here’s a short list of a few must-haves:

    • Quilting fabric: Quilting fabric features a weight and weave that make combining quilt pieces easier. Although you can quilt with any fabric, traditional quilting fabric has little stretch and typically is durable enough to withstand long-term use.
    • Patterns: Sellers on Etsy have curated a wide array of dazzling quilting patterns. Vintage and custom quilting patterns and digital downloads provide many exciting options and allow you to create the quilt of your dreams.
    • Needles and thread: Quilting requires sewing through several layers of fabric, so you need the right needles and thread for the job. Thread and needles designed for quilting keep your finished product secure.
    • Longarm quilting services: If you love creating the individual pieces of a quilt but don’t own a longarm sewing machine, consider using a longarm quilting service to combine your top, batting, and backing into a finished quilt.