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    Fiber arts refer to any kind of artwork that uses natural or synthetic materials like woolen yarns, cotton threads, fine silks, acrylic, rayon, and hemp, to name a few. On Etsy, you’ll find a world of fiber arts handcrafted by creative and skilled artisans. Browse the small shops and independent sellers to discover beautiful fiber art pieces to use as part of your home decor, keep as a treasured keepsake, or gift to family and friends.

    When it comes to needlecraft fiber arts, the list of styles is nearly endless. This kind of fiber art comprises of crafts made “with needles” and includes many kinds and techniques—from knitting and crochet to cross-stitch, needlepoint, and sewing. Because there’s a vast variety of needlecraft available on Etsy, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect piece for yourself or as a gift for loved ones.

    Discover a wide range of handcrafted embroidery in a wide range of beautiful and unique designs to use as wall art, or items like embroidered tea towels, tablecloths, and throw pillows to add a homespun touch to your living decor. Or, choose from fiber art pieces made with crewel—a form of embroidery that uses thick wool thread to create stitched patterns and designs.

    Looking for a unique collectible for yourself or a cuddly toy for your little ones? Search the small shops on Etsy to find a great variety of felting art including felt figurines, ornaments, and cute, plushy felt toy animals.

    You’ll also find all sorts of quilting fiber art. Add a cozy touch to your bedroom with a gorgeous, patchwork quilt or hang a hand-stitched quilt on the wall to display as art.

    There are many kinds of fiber arts that are not only for decorative use, but are functional, too. Explore the small shops on Etsy to find fiber arts to use for practical purposes or to display as works of art.

    For instance, you’ll discover woven baskets in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Use them at home as storage in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room, or proudly display them as decorative ornaments. There are plenty of hand-knotted macrame items, too. Show off your house plants with a hand-knotted macrame plant hanger, or find a decorative macrame wall hanging to add visual interest to your home decor.

    You’ll also find fiber art you can wear. Enhance your style with an elegant woven shawl, wrap yourself in a beautiful batik scarf or sarong for an exotic look, or discover a variety of collars, bonnets, and other accessories made with delicate tatting and lace.

    Interested in making your own fiber art? You can do that, too. Browse Etsy to find kits, books, and tutorials on fascinating fiber art techniques such as weaving to create your own tapestries and woven art, and rugmaking to design and make your own rugs.

    Also learn about the fascinating art of sashiko, a form of traditional Japanese embroidery that adds design and patterns to fabrics through “little stabs” of stitching. Discover examples of fine sashiko fiber art from sellers on Etsy, or find sashiko materials and tools to create your own.