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  • Learn More About Mosaics

    Mosaic is a type of art that uses small pieces to create a larger picture. Traditionally crafted with terracotta tiles, pieces of glass, ceramic tiles, or marble tiles, the mosaic pattern is often inlaid into flooring, walls, frames, and more. Mosaic patterns are typically set and steadied using mortar or plaster, but they can be held in place with other materials, as well. Small pieces that look broken on their own come together to magically create gorgeous works of art and breathe new life into everyday items.

    Mosaics can be made from any material in an ever-expanding array of applications, from kitchen countertops to handbags. Below are a few of the most popular mosaic items you’ll find on Etsy:

    • Display art: Framed mosaics make interesting additions to just about any artwork collection, adding depth and texture to displays. Place a colorful mosaic above your fireplace as an eye-catching statement piece.
    • Furniture: Furniture featuring mosaic tiles brightens home decor and adds a touch of charm to any space. A mosaic table makes an artful addition to your garden patio.
    • Jewelry: Mosaic jewelry makes a lovely gift and can be created from jewels, gems, stones, or personal items for added meaning. A handcrafted mosaic necklace is sure to turn heads.
    • Planters: Mosaic planters are typically terracotta pots covered with a mosaic design. They add cheer and vibrance to both indoor and outdoor spaces.
    • Knick-knacks: From baubles and ornaments to figurines and mosaic mirrors, find your favorite knick-knacks in stunning mosaic designs on Etsy.

    Express your creativity in a one-of-a-kind art project with a mosaic art kit from a seller on Etsy. Options include patterns, materials, and applicators, making these kits helpful gifts for mosaic beginners. Individual items are also available for lifelong mosaic-makers. Glass mosaic tiles add a shimmery effect to your product. Vintage and handpainted tiles add a hint of history to your craftwork, while multicolored mortar and plaster make your final piece pop.