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  • Learn More About Suncatchers

    A suncatcher is a decoration that’s designed to catch rays of sunlight and reflect them as rainbow hued patterns on nearby surfaces. These reflective and iridescent decorations often include crystals, stained glass, and beads that shine in the sunlight.

    To see the true beauty of your suncatcher, be sure to hang it where it will receive some direct sunlight like in a window or your car. Hanging suncatchers can be used indoors and outdoors. Place a suncatcher on your patio or in your garden, and those rays of light may reflect into your home, as well. Remember that the position of the sun changes throughout the year, so you may want to change the placement of your suncatcher, too.

    Suncatchers are often made of stained glass, colored beads, and crystals that are designed to reflect and refract sunlight. They may also include iridescent materials that shine in the sunlight. Stained glass suncatchers are made of different pieces of colored glass that will each reflect the light a bit differently. Popular suncatcher designs include rainbows, birds, and other brightly colored objects.