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    Glass art’s history dates back to ancient civilizations, when artisans used techniques such as glassblowing and fusing to create intricate glass objects. Pieces range from small decorative items such as vases and mosaics to suncatchers, glass sculptures, and figurines.

    Glass art dazzles with intense colors that come alive in the light. It adds beauty and grace to the garden, in windows—just about anywhere in the home that needs a style boost.

    Glass panels and wall hangings scale from small suncatchers to large stained glass panels, mirrors, and other installations for your wall. Rival the grandeur of Notre Dame with stained glass over your windows, or immortalize your pet in the textures, colors, and detailing unique to glasswork.

    Few other wall hangings explode with color the way glass art does, and no traditional painting or print can cast rainbows that sweep across your floor as the sun traverses the sky.

    Mosaics have been around for more than 4000 years; ancient Mesopotamians used glass, ceramic, and stone tiles to depict people and decorate their spaces. Setting multiple tiles closely together, mosaic artists create artwork similar to pixel art and cubism, which suggests forms rather than aiming for photorealism.

    Glass sculptures and figurines from the artisans on Etsy reflect their skills, patience, and passions in every fine detail. Flowers, like glass, are delicate, colorful, and distinctive, so many artists gravitate toward a floral motif for their creations. They also craft animals of land, sea, and air, giving you the entire animal kingdom to choose from. Add a display case to protect and show off your collections, or choose an LED display case to make them stand out even more.

    Suncatchers are naturally calming as they effortlessly catch light and cast colors around your room. Hung against windows, they liven up lackluster views, invite the light in, and protect neighborhood birds by making your windows more visible to them. Put a suncatcher in the garden and see its colors pop alongside your flowerbeds.