Mixed Media & Collage

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    In the vast world of art, mixed media includes works that feature more than one medium, such as a painting accented with magazine clippings or a drawing with scraps of paper and fabric. Collage is a form of mixed media, but features various materials affixed to a surface to form a complete image.

    Browse the mixed media and collage art of independent artisans on Etsy to enhance your decor, display as collectible art, or give loved ones meaningful gifts they’ll appreciate.

    The kaleidoscope of mixed media works from shops on Etsy suits all kinds of interests and artistic tastes.

    Among the most popular types are:

    Mosaics are made with all sorts of materials and styles, too:

    The shops on Etsy also offer mixed media works using other assemblage in still more items and materials: dried flowers, seashells, pebbles—even old gears and machinery.

    Designers on Etsy offer a large variety of paper collage art:

    Choose from collages representing themes and interests to match your personality and style. Keen on modern art? Peruse paint and digital collages with pop-culture references. Love abstracts? Plenty of abstract collage works wow in colorful oils and bold acrylics. Or, if you prefer traditional landscapes, browse Etsy to find collages of fields, forests, seascapes, and other works influenced by nature.

    You can even commission a customized collage as a keepsake or personalized gift for your nearest and dearest.