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    Watercolor paintings are known for their soft, dreamlike appearance that’s a result of the watercolor paints gently mixing together. While these paintings can be detailed, the lines are soft as the colors tend to blend just a bit. Abstract watercolor paintings are a popular choice because they often feature a gradient of different hues and can be a beautiful but understated way to bring a pop of color into your space. If you’d like to create a relaxing environment in your bedroom or bathroom, an abstract or blue watercolor painting is a calming choice. Watercolor paintings can also depict portraits and scenes. These types of paintings can create a focal point in a larger room or be used in a gallery wall.

    You’ll discover many different types of watercolor paintings on Etsy. Floral watercolor paintings are a popular choice and can often be purchased in a set of multiple canvases. Custom portrait watercolor paintings are a thoughtful addition to any room and are also a sentimental gift idea. These watercolor paintings are customized by Etsy sellers to feature children, a couple, or a beloved pet. You’ll also find abstract watercolor paintings on Etsy and can work with a seller to personalize the size, colors, and overall style of these paintings. Some watercolor paintings are also available as digital downloads that you can print and frame on your own.