• Learn More About Painting

    Paintings are a classic wall decor pick, and Etsy sellers create all kinds of paintings so you’re sure to find a piece of artwork that adds a unique touch to your home. Styles range from fine art paintings using acrylics and oil paints to custom painted portraits and hand lettered quotes and designs. Creating a gallery wall in a room is a great way to add some major personality to your space. Mixing textures and sizes is a secret to creating an interesting gallery wall. Once you choose a color palette with a few different hues that will be repeated in each piece to create unity, begin mixing in interesting textures with acrylic paintings that have some depth and layers to them. Whether you’re just beginning to lay out your gallery wall or looking for that perfect final piece, you’ll find many different unique paintings from Etsy sellers to help you complete your wall.

    Find your next favorite piece of artwork from an Etsy seller, whether you’re shopping for a digital print to frame or a custom painting on canvas. You can shop for a ready-to-ship piece of artwork from a talented artist or customize your painting by requesting specific colors, dimensions, designs, and more. Watercolor paintings are a popular choice and allow you to bring several different colors into your space. The paintings from Etsy sellers can be made with watercolors, acrylic paints, and oil paints, and some are mixed paintings featuring different types of paints. Depending on the overall vibe in your space, one medium may work better than another and often, Etsy sellers can customize their pieces to match your room.