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  • Learn More About Photography

    Photography is the romantic art of capturing a single moment in time, forever. What happens in a fraction of a second can be preserved for eternity with the right care of the equipment and resulting art. Framed photographs make unique wall art, tabletop accents, and personal keepsakes.

    The type of art that draws you in says a lot about you. To find your style, consider the seven main kinds of photography:

    • Portrait photography captures living things, often in their natural habitats. The subjects are most often people but can be animals, too.
    • Photojournalism is the visual equivalent of journalism and aims to represent a scene in its rawest form.
    • Fashion photography is glamorous, sophisticated, and dramatic. It highlights conceptual garments and represents the designer’s vision.
    • Sports photography is taken at high speeds to catch iconic moments that happen in a flash.
    • Still-life photography captures the quiet art of inanimate objects in a studio or in the wild.
    • Editorial photography is most often a planned companion to a written piece profiling a subject or highlighting a part of the story.
    • Architectural photography displays the most intriguing parts of a building or cityscape, often using wide angles to accommodate the large structures.

    Explore fine photography from sellers on Etsy and shop for pieces that speak to you.

    Many creators and shops on Etsy offer their own photo prints for purchase. Whether you’re looking for black and white photographs as a neutral backdrop on your walls or for sepia-tone prints to complement your vintage-inspired decor, you’ll discover collections of inspiring images. Color photography adds life to your walls and is an instant conversation-starter.