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    Etching and engraving are both methods used to create detailed impressions on a surface. Etching uses a chemical reaction to create the impression, while engraving is a physical process of scratching the medium with a sharp tool.

    Both methods are used in a type of printmaking called intaglio printing, which uses a carved metal sheet as a sort of stamp. Each metal sheet is a reusable template that can produce multiple prints. This method was an early way to create posters, propaganda, and art. Artists continued to develop the method of intaglio printing, discovering that selected dots and linework created intricate shading techniques.

    Engraving is not just used for printing. Etsy artists make engraved artworks that are one-of-a-kind and detailed by hand. Etched glass blocks display an image that seems to be suspended in air, and lasts a lifetime. Place one of these blocks on a spinning LED display stand and watch the light catch each edge of the etching.

    Engraved metal wall art has an industrial and minimalistic vibe. Etsy sellers can make you a custom engraved sign to show off your family name or highlight your favorite cityscape, or surprise your partner with a new sign for their workshop or address numbers for the house.

    Sellers on Etsy can create custom engravings on wood, metal, and glass. A personalized charcuterie board, engraved with your recipient’s name or initials, is a housewarming gift that will always impress. Etched wine glasses elevate every sip at the dinner table, while an engraved decanter puts a personal touch on each bottle of wine.

    Surprise your parents with a pair of custom engraved champagne flutes for their next anniversary or milestone birthday, or bestow an etched sword to the warrior in your life.