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    Giclée, pronounced zhee-klay, are prints made using an inkjet printer. Giclée is a French term that means “to spray,” referring to the process in which they’re created, with printers that spray ink precisely. Originally, giclée prints were digital reproductions of conventional artwork, like paintings or drawings. These reproductions could be used to preserve copies of aging artwork, or for an artist to sell secondary prints of their work. However, now giclée can refer to a print of an artwork created entirely digitally.

    Prints refer to any reproduction of an artwork. Since they’re not the original, they’re often a great way to get amazing art more affordably. Not only that, but they frequently come in multiple sizes, which is convenient for decorating. Buying prints also supports artists with a secondary source of income, since they’re able to sell multiple pieces beyond the original. Plus, many prints are released as limited collections, so the value can potentially go up depending on the piece.

    Decorating with prints is easy—add a frame or buy a pre-framed piece and you’re all set to hang your artwork wherever speaks to you. Etsy artists sell a wide range of prints in all sorts of styles, colors, and sizes. From natural scenes to abstract images, cityscapes, or pop culture-themed art, there’s a print out there to suit any style and any space.

    There are many kinds of prints, but when you’re looking for that perfect reproduction, there are several advantages of going with a giclée print. Here are some of the reasons to choose giclée:

    • High quality: A giclée print is capable of the truest reproduction possible. This is because of the printer’s ability to capture great color depth and accuracy in high resolutions. In fact, many giclée prints, when framed, can’t be distinguished from the original.
    • Long lasting: If taken proper care of, a giclée art print can potentially last for hundreds of years, allowing you to enjoy it for generations to come.
    • Materials: Giclée prints allow the flexibility of being printed on paper or canvas to suit the aesthetic you’re looking for.