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    Letterpress prints—also known as “debossed” prints—come from a pre-digital practice in which raised surfaces of letters or images are inked and pressed into paper, leaving a tangible and tactile indentation. This form of relief printing dates all the way back to the year 1041 in China, and to Gutenberg's press in 1440’s Germany. Letterpress printing is a careful, inherently slow work resulting in fine typography and imagery. Many Etsy artists still practice this craft, making beautiful letterpress print art.

    Letterpress prints have a grand tradition of use in many areas where communicating a message is key. The application of letterpress printing creates many different types of gorgeous paper crafts carrying intrinsic significance and charm:

    With unique designs and fine craftsmanship, letterpress prints make an impressive gift. Give your best friend a custom letterpress print with their favorite quote. Know a soon-to-be graduate or a couple getting hitched? Express your congratulations with a gift of a meaningful poem or piece of fine art printed with letterpress. Have a friend who collects vintage art? Surprise them with a vintage letterpress print. Whatever their style, you can find the perfect letterpress print from shops on Etsy.