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  • Learn More About Screenprints

    A screenprint is a process of making art in which a mesh screen acts as a stencil. Ink is pressed through a design on the mesh screen, which allows the ink to pass in the places desired by the artist. Each color of the design is pressed through a different screen designed for that color.

    There are a lot of advantages to buying a screenprint design from Etsy artists. The wide availability of screenprinting supplies like machines and transfers and the time it takes to create the screens, makes screenprints well suited for larger runs of prints. Screenprinting has several other perks worth noting:

    • High quality: Nothing can match the quality of paint being applied directly to material, following the same process as the original design. There is no recreation from an original painting and each piece is made the same way as the first.
    • Multi-surface applications: Screenprint art can be applied to a wide range of materials, including fabrics, wood, glass, metal, plastic, electronics, textiles, and banners.
    • Good for darker materials: When printing on black and other dark materials, screenprinting will allow colors to pop better than some other options.

    Because screenprinting techniques can be applied to so many surfaces, you’ll find all sorts of designs on a variety of materials. Here are some popular types of screenprints:

    • Screenprint wall art: Shops on Etsy offer all kinds of stunning modern screenprint art to decorate your walls. Choose from canvas paintings, posters, and fabrics. There are large and small pieces to suit any type of space.
    • Screenprint T-shirts: Screenprinting has been used to decorate shirts for decades. Sellers on Etsy make all kinds of designs, including custom prints made just for you.
    • Screenprint glassware: No matter what you like to drink, why not enjoy your beverage in an original glass? From animals to nature, bikes, or dinosaurs, find the perfect print for you or someone in need of a fun gift.
    • Screenprint stickers: Use modern screenprint stickers and decals to decorate everything from your car, books, or laptop.
    • Screenprint calendars: Screenprint calendars combine stunning art designs with the practicality of a traditional calendar. When the year is over you won’t want to take these screenprints down.