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  • Learn More About Backpacks

    When choosing the right backpack for you, think about what you want to carry, how long you’ll be wearing it, and what climate you’ll be wearing it in. With these factors in mind, consider the following backpack features:

    • Water-resistant materials: These are a must for rainy climates and soggy escapades. Nylon, leather, and neoprene are durable choices to help keep your contents safe and dry.
    • Adjustable straps: These are a lifesaver when it comes to comfort. A tight-fitting backpack is uncomfortable, while a loosely-fitting one can be tough on your back. Some large backpacks even include padded hip belts and shoulder straps to help a long hike feel a little bit shorter.
    • Storage compartments: Multiple compartments allow you to keep items organized and separated. Store books, notepads, and laptops in different compartments with spaces for a water bottle and other everyday items.
    • Durability: Style and durability don’t need to be mutually exclusive—you can have both, though some bags focus on durability while others are more fashion-forward.

    Sometimes two hands aren’t enough for everything you want to carry. Etsy sellers craft a wide range of backpack types to suit your activity and the contents you’re carrying, from books and electronics to gym clothes and shopping hauls.

    • Laptop backpacks: These help protect your computer as you travel. Whether you’re heading to a coffee shop or video-calling from the Riviera, laptop backpacks fit a range of laptop sizes with room for accessories.
    • Leather backpacks: These stylish and sturdy bags age beautifully over time.
    • Diaper bag backpacks Tailored to store all baby essentials, many of these have multiple pockets as well as features like insulated bottle holders to keep drinks cool and stroller straps to give your shoulders a break.
    • Drawstring backpacks: These make accessing your items a breeze. Just open the drawstring and toss clothes, sports equipment, and anything else that can be mushed all together into a single pouch.
    • Hiking backpacks: Pack a whole tent, sleeping bag, and cookware inside one, or slim it down for a day trip in the woods. Choose leather for a look as rugged as the wilderness you’re setting out in, or canvas to stand up to the worst of the elements.
    • Clear backpacks: These show all your contents in one glance, making them perfect for security checkpoints at concerts and sports venues.
    • Mesh backpacks: Offering visibility without giving too much away, these bags are great for schools that check bags at the door, for toting items on a beach day, or if you want your gym clothes to air out a little after an intense workout.
    • Mini backpacks: These give you the style of a backpack with the size of a purse or small handbag. Compact and minimalist, mini backpacks hold all your daily essentials.
    • Sling backpacks: These bags have one strap that rests across the body or off the shoulder and can be worn on your front or back. Use one to quickly access your camera for the perfect shot, or toss one over your arm for a fashionable alternative to a purse.