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    The classic containers for our most beloved headwear, hat boxes help prevent crushing and keep hats dust-free. Storage boxes for hats range in purpose, from keeping your headpiece safe in a closet to securing your top topper for travel with clasps that keep the lid secure and handles for easy carrying.

    Whether you're looking to preserve a vintage fedora, a dashing bowler, or a wide-brimmed sun hat, there's a hat storage box for keeping your special headwear safe and helping it hold its form for years to come.

    The hat box is more than just a holder for chapeaus and bonnets. Much thought and talent goes into creating many of these storage pieces, giving them a certain aura of display-worthy prestige.

    A vintage hat box or antique tin hat box comes with a history worth talking about. The many styles of decorative hat boxes range from a rustic leather cowboy hat box to one painted with a whimsical meadow scene. If you enjoy collecting, hat boxes are an item to consider. They make standout accent pieces alongside other decor in your living room, bedroom, powder room, or anywhere you could use a touch of charm and a little extra storage.

    Not just for storing headwear, hat boxes are useful for holding many other items around the house. They stack easily and most are quite sturdy. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Game storage: Did the cardboard box holding your favorite board game finally fall apart after years of playing? If the game board folds four ways—as many do these days—a square hat box is handy for keeping the board and game pieces all in one place.
    • Craft supplies: If you have a favorite artistic pursuit, hat boxes are terrific for storing materials and tools you aren't using in your most current project. Keep yarn, acrylic paints, or knitting patterns tucked away, clearing space for the supplies you need now and stashing things out of sight when you’re ready for a break.
    • Dry goods canisters: Add a touch of whimsical flair to your kitchen or pantry with round metal hat boxes that hold dry foods such as grains, baking ingredients, and coffee grounds.
    • Gift boxes: Why not use a beautifully decorated hat box to present a special gift? The packaging will spark excitement and anticipation in the recipient—plus, the box is so wonderful on its own, there's no need for gift wrap.