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    In today’s world, your phone is an extension of yourself and phone cases offer a fun and functional way to dress up your device. You use it to stay close to those you love, keep tabs on the topics you care about, play games, and watch videos. With shops on Etsy, find a variety of phone covers to personalize and help protect your device while bringing all kinds of functionality to it. Here are some of the popular types of phone cases to choose from:

    • Basic phone cases: If you’re looking for a way to protect your phone from bumps and drops, but don’t need any added functionality, a classic case does the trick. A basic phone case slips over your phone to give it that protective layer without drastically changing the shape or style. A solid color case provides protection without drastic alteration to your phone’s look. If you want to express a bit more personality, basic phone cases come in all sorts of fun patterns and prints, from chic to whimsical and everything between.
    • Wallet phone cases: A wallet phone case combines your two most important items for any time you step out of your house. A wallet phone case has slots that allow you to bring your cards or some cash with you when you’re away from home, keeping your essentials in one place. If you’re someone who sometimes forgets their wallet when they step out, this style can be a game changer.
    • Folio phone cases: A type of wallet phone case, a folio phone case folds over, turning your case into more of a traditional wallet style. The folding nature of the case can also provide added screen protection and most designs will have more room than a basic wallet phone case. If you struggle to leave the house with only a couple of cards, a folio phone case may be just what you need.
    • Crossbody phone cases: Part phone case, part purse, a crossbody phone case has a long strap, making it ideal if you have limited pocket space. Many crossbody phone cases provide additional pockets, making them all you need when you’re heading out and about. Plus, crossbody cases provide a great way to make a fashion statement with your phone.
    • Belt clip phone cases: Another terrific option if you don’t like stuffing your phone in your pockets, a belt clip case attaches securely to your belt. This provides easy access to your phone, right on your hip. Many clip-on phone cases also offer additional space for cards or cash as well.

    Phone cases come in a variety of materials that all offer their own unique advantages and the best type depends on your needs and the look you’re going for. When picking a case for your precious device, here are some materials to consider:

    • Plastic phone cases: The most common form of case, plastic provides strong protection as a hardshell phone case. Plastic cases are lightweight, thin, and tend to be affordable options that come in all sorts of colors and designs.
    • Silicone phone cases: Silicone offers a lightweight case that’s softer than hardshell plastic. Another perk of silicone is the grip provided by its tacky surface. If holding onto your phone is an issue, or you handle it often with soft gloves, silicone might be a strong contender.
    • Leather phone cases: Leather provides a classy, fashionable look for your phone, and it’s soft and provides a nice grip. For a cohesive look, consider a leather phone case that matches your other accessories.
    • Wood phone cases: A wooden phone case provides a warm, stylish, and rustic look with natural grain patterns that make for a unique aesthetic.

    In addition to how it looks, there are a variety of other qualities to keep in mind as you select your next cell phone case. Here are some of the features to consider:

    • Waterproof: Many phones these days offer basic water resistance, which is perfect for brief contact with H20. However, if you’re on the water a lot in your boat or on your paddleboard, or if you’re looking to completely submerge your phone, a waterproof phone case could be just what you want.
    • Magnetic: Magnetic phone cases can offer convenient ways of attaching your phone to holders or connecting cell phone accessories.
    • Thickness: Phone cases come in all sorts of thicknesses, from super slim plastic cases to thicker leather phone cases. Your pocket or bag size is an important consideration to ensure you can carry your phone in its new stylish case with ease.
    • Grip: Different materials will offer different levels of grip for your device. A tacky surface will help you hold onto your phone but also may be harder to pull out of your pocket.
    • Shock absorbent: Depending on how you use your case, more protection may be something to value. Maybe you’re doing extreme sports with your phone, or maybe you’re just a bit more accident prone than some. Either way, if you’ve invested in a phone you love, extra protection may be worth consideration. Browse heavy-duty, shock absorbing phone cases to give you the extra coverage you may need.

    With so much variety in cell phone cases, there’s never been a better opportunity to stand out. Here are a few popular styles of phone cases to explore:

    • Clear phone cases: A sleek-looking phone will be covered up by most phone cases unless you go with a clear phone case option. Many phones are designed with aesthetics in mind, and if you want to show off your phone’s original look, go clear.
    • Colorful phone cases: Phone cases now come in almost every shade of the rainbow. Pick your favorite color or match your case to your signature accessories.
    • Glitter phone cases: For a trendy and cute phone case, explore sparkle and glitter options from shops on Etsy.
    • Art phone cases to images of animals, nature, sports, novelty characters, or abstract designs, find the case that connects with what you love.

    Most people handle their phone more than any other possession, so why not opt for a personalized phone case that feels uniquely yours? Custom phone cases also make great gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. There are several forms of personalization to pick from, including:

    • Names and initials: A classic and simple way of personalizing your phone is with a name, monogram, or initial phone case. Certain materials, such as leather, are great for displaying embossed names.
    • Photos and custom painted portraits: If you’re looking at your phone all day, why not choose a picture phone case featuring the face of someone you love? Pet pictures also make great cell phone case artwork and are great conversation pieces. Can’t pick just one photo? Collage cases offer the ability to pack more images in. Or, choose cases featuring custom painted portraits for a one-of-a-kind look.
    • Custom designs: Have a specific design you’d like on your phone case? Create your own artwork and work with shops on Etsy to create an extra cool phone case that’s made just for you. Own a business? Have your logo printed on your phone case for boss vibes and some extra branding.