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    While fanny packs are convenient for traveling, they’re not just for tourists. They’re for everyone! Fanny packs, which became popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s, have recently made a big comeback. The bag’s compact design is perfect for carrying items like cellphones, hand sanitizer, and other daily essentials you can’t leave home without. Use a fanny pack anywhere, whether you’re going to the gym, shopping at the mall, or heading to the office. And, because these little bags are hands-free, they’re ideal for outdoor activities. Wear a fanny pack for running, hiking, or biking.

    Whether you’re looking for one for yourself or as a gift for friends and family, Etsy sellers make fanny packs in all sorts of styles, colors, and materials. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right one.

    • Size: While most fanny packs are compact, they do come in a variety of sizes. For workouts or to carry a few essentials while you’re doing errands, choose a small fanny pack. If you plan on being out and about for longer periods of time, while on hikes or day-trips—or just need to carry more items—you’ll want a larger fanny pack.
    • Material: Fanny packs come in many materials, each suitable for different purposes. Leather fanny packs are stylish enough for everyday use and complement any outfit. For outdoor activities, choose a water-resistant or waterproof fanny pack to keep contents dry. Clear fanny packs made of PVC are trendy and practical for use at places like concerts, major sports events, and airport security where you need to allow others to see what’s inside.
    • Compartments: The number of compartments is important to keeping items in your fanny pack organized. If you plan to carry a variety of items, stowing them in different compartments will help you access them easily and quickly.

    Browse Etsy to find a range of fanny packs to suit your needs, from fanny packs for men and women, kids’ fanny packs, or custom fanny packs that make great one-of-a-kind gifts.

    There are a few ways to wear a fanny pack that are both functional and stylish. For instance, sling a crossbody fanny pack across your chest, either over your jacket or tucked inside for a modern, fashion-forward look. Or, wear a classic fanny pack the traditional way around your waist. Go for a fancy fanny pack or a small, chic fanny pack purse for a night out—think “little black fanny bag” to go with your “little black dress.”