• Learn More About Handbags

    There are multiple factors to consider when choosing your ideal handbag. Here are some of the features to keep in mind.

    • Size: Consider what items you want to have with you in your bag. For an everyday purse, you might want a larger sized bag to hold all your essentials. For evenings out, a small clutch may suffice.
    • Function: Depending on how you’ll be using your bag, you may need different qualities. For example, do you need zippers or pouches? If you’ll be in crowded places like a bus or train, you may want zippers to secure your bag’s contents. Also, consider how you’d like to carry your bag. Are you an over-the-shoulder kind of person, or do you prefer handheld or crook of the arm? If you’ll be walking long distances with your bag, comfort and convenience will be invaluable.
    • Color and style: Consider colors that match what’s in your closet. A classic look will have longevity, as will higher quality. Shops on Etsy sell beautiful handmade and vintage handbags in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can be sure to find what you need.

    There are various types of handbags for different occasions and functions. Here are some of the most popular handbag styles.

    • Shoulder bags: A shoulder bag is worn over the shoulder. This bag will often have a shorter strap, just long enough to go over the shoulder. It’s a practical size and can be carried hands-free. It can also be carried over the arm.
    • Crossbody bags: With a longer strap than a shoulder bag, a crossbody bag hangs from one shoulder across the body. Crossbody bags can come in all sizes—choose a smaller style for evening or a roomier bag if you have lots of items to carry.
    • Hobo bags: A hobo bag is a shoulder bag with a crescent shape to it. A hobo bag tends to be made of soft, flexible materials, which makes it fold into its distinct shape when being carried.
    • Top handle bags: These bags have a handle on top for being held by hand, or sometimes over the arm. The handle is typically not long enough to be used as a shoulder bag, however, some top handle bags come with a strap and can be used as a shoulder bag as well.
    • Clutches and evening bags: A clutch or evening bag is a small formal bag designed to be held easily in your hand. These little bags can’t hold many items, but will manage your most basic essentials, and look particularly elegant at evening events.
    • Wristlets: A wristlet is a small bag with a strap that you wear around your wrist. They’re similar in size to a clutch. Wristlets are small and convenient for those who don’t need a big handbag full of things and make great options for pairing with dressy outfits.

    Along with stunning handmade and vintage handbags for every occasion, Etsy shops also sell plenty of unique accessories to go with them. Need help organizing your purse? A purse insert is a bag inside a bag with additional pouches for keeping things sorted. Need a replacement purse strap or want a different strap look? Etsy sellers have plenty of eye-catching straps to choose from. You can also add a little more visual interest to your handbag with playful purse charms and tassels.