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    A crossbody bag, whether it’s a small or large style, is a convenient way to tote your essentials while keeping your hands free. There are many reasons to choose a crossbody bag.

    • Travel: A great choice for traveling, crossbody bags keep your wallet, keys, phone, and other items close at-hand and can slip easily into a larger carry-on bag if needed.
    • Shopping: Whether you’re toting shopping bags or flipping through items on a rack, these bags tend to stay in place better than single-shoulder purses.
    • Trendy: A fashionable choice, crossbody bags are available in leather and other materials and can be a timeless accessory in your collection.

    Especially as you travel, a crossbody bag is a versatile option that can be styled many different ways.

    • Wear it across your body: The crossbody style features a strap that’s worn across your body instead of over a single shoulder. This keeps the bag in place as you head through security at the airport or sightsee around town.
    • Choose a durable fabric: Look for leather, waxed canvas, and other durable fabrics if you plan to travel very far with your crossbody bag.
    • Adjust the strap: An adjustable strap ensures you get a proper fit, and you can either position your crossbody bag on your hip like a purse or snug the strap up and wear it higher on your chest like a fanny pack to put your cute crossbody bag on full display.