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    Not all purse straps are created equal—some types are made for fashion while others have function in mind. The type of purse strap you choose will affect your look and comfort level, so consider some of these options when deciding which purse strap is best for you:

    • Leather purse straps are classy and casual options for all occasions. Try braided leather to play with texture or experiment with different widths to change the look and feel of the entire purse. Leather matches a wide range of attire and materials and can feel right at home on a shopping trip or a night on the town.
    • Guitar purse straps are wide and typically long, making them a sturdy crossbody strap option for big totes and larger purses. Like shredding on an electric guitar, these straps offer patterns and styles to match your mood and purse material. Go with a simple pattern for versatility, or choose a design that turns your bag into a statement piece.
    • Chain purse straps up the elegance and make any purse feel extra chic. Whether you use it to hang off your shoulder or as an accent piece across the purse, introducing a silver or gold chain strap elevates your look and lets everyone know you’ve arrived.

    There are three important measurements to know when sizing your purse strap: the length, width, and the drop length. The length measures end to end (including any attachments or hooks) while the drop length is the distance between the top of the bag to the peak of the strap when worn—in other words, how far the bag hangs from your shoulder. Balancing comfort, style, and utility will be a matter of personal preference, but as a general rule of thumb, pair wider and longer straps to bigger bags and match shorter, skinnier straps to smaller, lighter purses.

    The width of the strap is an important component to the overall look and comfort of your purse, and the length also affects how you wear and carry your purse. Shorter lengths place the purse securely under your arm while longer lengths allow you to comfortably hang a purse off one shoulder or across your body. On average, wider straps can carry heavier purses and excel as crossbody purse straps, while thinner straps are best when hung over your shoulder.

    Replacing a purse strap can be as easy as unclipping your old strap and attaching a new one, or may require a bit of sewing or stud work. Most replacement purse straps on Etsy have clips or fasteners that attach to a wide range of bags, meaning you get to keep your favorite bag and coordinate it with anything in your closet with a simple snap.