Shoulder Bags

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    A shoulder bag is generally any bag with a strap long enough to be slung over one shoulder. Shoulder bags often feature adjustable straps and are typically designed to sit between the waist and hip. Similar to messenger bags, the shoulder bag’s strap is looped over the shoulder, allowing you to carry the bag hands-free. Etsy shops sell handmade and vintage shoulder bags in a wide range of styles and materials, making it easy to find one to match your personal aesthetic.

    Shoulder bags can be made from many materials, making them the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Here are some of the most popular materials for shoulder bags.

    • Leather: Leather shoulder bags are sophisticated, stylish, and versatile.
    • Canvas: When it comes to durability and stress-free maintenance, canvas shoulder bags are the clear winner.
    • Cotton: Cotton shoulder bags come in many styles, from crocheted to quilted to handsewn.
    • Straw: Straw shoulder bags are as well-suited for the beach as they are for brunch.
    • Upcycled: Upcycled shoulder bags use materials like used denim, coffee bean sacks, and woven plastic to make unique, one-of-a-kind bags with a small ecological footprint.

    Although they all slip easily over your arm, shoulder bags come in several shapes and sizes. Here are a few of the most popular styles.

    • Hobo: A hobo shoulder bag is characterized by a slouchy crescent shape, typically featuring one large pocket. They transition effortlessly from a daytime handbag to a stylish weekender for a quick getaway.
    • Tote: A shoulder tote bag is a medium- to large-sized bag with two parallel straps. They’re typically unfastened at the top and feature one large compartment without pockets or pouches.
    • Sling: Shoulder sling bags or crossbody shoulder bags are worn across the chest or back and secured with a cross-shoulder style strap. Sling bags are great for travel, keeping your hands free and personal items close.
    • Laptop: Ideal for the remote or nomad worker, laptop shoulder bags feature a padded pouch for your laptop. Some even come with additional features like slots for documents and places for cards, pens, or paper.

    Shoulder bags are both a beautiful and functional gift. Snag a men's shoulder bag to encourage your college kid to make those easy trips home on the weekend. Give your mom the vintage shoulder bag she’s always talked about from her youth. Grab matching shoulder bags for women as bridal party gifts that are useful beyond your big day. Gift your friend who’s constantly headed out on their next adventure a custom fanny pack shoulder bag. No matter who you’re buying for, you’ll find practical and soon-to-be cherished shoulder bags from the shops on Etsy.