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    A duffel bag can be used for a quick overnight away, a gym trip, or a visit to a friend’s house. It can also be useful for storing emergency essentials in your car like jumper cables and an ice scraper. Keep a cute duffel bag on-hand for last-minute picnics or staycations.

    Since duffel bags are made to take with you as you travel, choose a durable material like leather or waxed canvas. Depending on how you plan to use your weekender bag, you may also want to opt for a waterproof or water-resistant duffel to withstand the elements.

    Depending on your travel plans, sometimes a duffel bag is easier than a suitcase. If you’re going away overnight or traveling by car or train and wish to keep your bag closer, a carry-on duffel is a bit more compact than a suitcase. If you’re planning smaller outings or heading to the gym during your itinerary, you can add a duffel to your suitcase and fill it once you arrive. A rolling duffel bag is a smart alternative to a traditional carry-on suitcase because its wheeled design makes it simple to transport and the soft sides mean you can more easily squish it into tight storage spaces.