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    Passport covers are also known as passport protectors and are designed to hold your passport and help prevent wear and tear on the passport’s cover. Passport covers are typically two-sided and open like a book. They’re designed to hold a passport book. Passport sleeves are a helpful way to transport your passport cards and vaccine cards. Both styles may also include additional pockets or slots for travel documents, credit cards, and ID cards.

    Passport covers are often made of materials like leather, canvas, or cotton. If you travel frequently, choose a durable material like leather or waxed canvas. Custom passport covers can also be personalized with your initials or name.

    Your passport cover can be as unique as you are! From cute passport covers made with colorful designs to sleek, modern covers made from leather and embossed with your initials, the design you choose is totally up to you. Even leather passport covers are available in different colors like black, brown, green, navy, purple, or red.