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    Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, Etsy shops sell lots of unique handmade and vintage travel bags to suit your needs. Here are some popular choices.

    • Rolling luggage: If you're taking a plane trip where you'll need to travel the length of a large airport, or a train trip with one or more transfers, rolling luggage is your best friend. Having a set of wheels and a collapsible handle makes toting your luggage considerably easier on your back and legs.
    • Suitcase: If you spend extensive amounts of time away from home, a larger suitcase or set of luggage will likely serve your needs.
    • Overnight bag: For those who take a lot of day trips and weekend trips, an overnight bag or duffel bag is often all you need for keeping your essentials handy.
    • Garment bag: A garment bag is handy for keeping suits and other clothes wrinkle-free on business trips.
    • Briefcase or attache: For the savvy business traveler, an attaché or briefcase is the perfect vessel to contain your most important documents and proposal notes all in one place, so you won't misplace any critical information before an important sales pitch.
    • Train case: Have a lot of cosmetics to carry? Stash them away in a train case with a hard shell to protect your items and keep them organized.

    Etsy sellers make a wide range of unique travel accessories for your trip, whether you’re taking a road trip to see national monuments or jetting away for some sand and the sun. Here are some of the most popular.

    • Luggage tags: Easily identify your bags, with luggage tags. Etsy sellers make them in all kinds of styles, including personalized tags with your name or initials, as well as custom designs.
    • Passport covers: If you're heading to international shores, you definitely need your passport. Keep it handy in a stylish protective passport cover.
    • Travel wallets: Carrying a travel wallet is a must for keeping your money, credit cards, and IDs safe.
    • Luggage covers: Luggage covers protect your bags from dust and rain—and make them easier to spot at baggage claim. Etsy sellers make them in a wide array of prints and images to make each piece of luggage more distinctive.
    • Luggage straps: Use handy luggage straps around each bag to help you identify your luggage at a glance.
    • Roof racks: Whether you’re bringing bikes, surfboards, or extra luggage, a roof rack for the top of your car, frees up a lot of space within the cabin.