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    Business card cases are designed to hold and protect business cards. When you’re networking at a conference or dropping your card into a ‘win a free lunch’ basket at your favorite restaurant, your business cards are one of the outward-facing aspects of your profession. Since business cards are made of paper, it’s easy for them to get tarnished, dirty, or worn. To present a great first impression when holding out a business card to a new connection, use a business card case.

    The state of your business card communicates something more than just a phone number or address and your business card case also says something about you. Show off your taste, style, and scrutiny of the finer details by considering a few business card case factors:

    • Material: Generally, card cases have either a hard or soft body. Square business card cases usually have a metal frame, or they could be non-rigid in the case of leather business card cases without a frame. The best business card cases are durable, function easily, and have at least a modicum of styling.
    • Construction: The more slimline a silhouette of a business card case, the better it fits into a jacket or pants pocket without an unsightly bulge. Some business card cases offer internal lining for padding and cleanliness, and internal fasteners to keep the cards stable and from falling out when you open. Look for cases that combine functions, too, like a business card phone case for simplicity and function.
    • Workmanship: For business card cases with lids, a good rule is to see if you can open the business card clasp with one hand, so you can take the card out with the other. You also want the hinges to operate smoothly and without catching. For sleeve types, the cards should slide out easily—when you want them to— without feeling loose.

    If you want to give a classic gift encompassing form and function, business card cases make fantastic presents. Know someone who just incorporated their first company? Show them your support by gifting a custom business card case case with their logo on the front. Did one of your direct reports hit a milestone of service years? Congratulate them with an engraved business card case. Whether you're presenting your business partner with a business card display case or looking for a silver business card case to celebrate a promotion, sellers on Etsy offer a unique selection of sleek and stylish business card cases.